The VIAAC is not a simple concept, and it provokes many questions. For the sake of efficiency, here are some of the more common questions and their answers.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

"Does the VIAAC exist in Real life?"[edit | edit source]

No, at this point in time it is still just a theoretical framework, but there are several projects and initiatives that are slowly acting as a 'proof-of-concept' and the principle has been succesfully applied in corporate situations.

"Is a VIAAC socialist?"[edit | edit source]

The VIAAC has many similarities to socialism and communism, such as shared work-spaces, co-operative industries and shared resource access, but unlike socialism and communism, the VIAAC does not rely on human judgement for resource allocation and distribution, which removes the possibility of resource diversion for individual gain or for imposed scarcity.

"Is a VIAAC a Pyramid Scheme?"[edit | edit source]

A pyramid scheme is hierarchical, with each individual relying on those a level below them for a return on investment. The VIAAC has no "profit" and has no economic hierarchy, so a pyramid scheme wouldn't even be possible. At no point is there individual profit involved anywhere.  "Does a VIAAC 'profit' from transactions with other VIAACs?"

The 'profit' is not from transactions with other VIAACs, but with those communities or individuals that insist on not joining a VIAAC. If those people want to live by 'profit', then a VIAAC can use the 'profit' to ensure sustainability and heightened living standards for it's members. Transactions with other VIAACs would maintain zero-profit, pure-cost standards, and thus entice others to join their community's VIAAC. This 'profit' would only exist and be necessary while non-VIAAC communities and individuals exist, once a VIAAC is globally established, all transactions automatically become nothing more than simple resource tracking. Until this global VIAAC is set up, each community would have an open access transparent joined community account, managed by the VIAAC resource management system. The funds that are available for community access  exist within the VIAAC as co-operatives, where individuals pursuing the same ends are grouped together. The resources they use are all individually classified and grouped according to use, and users of those resources are given access to the appropriate distribution groups.

"Do I have to change my job to join a VIAAC?"[edit | edit source]

Individuals can join a VIAAC without their company being a member of the VIAAC, since the company would simply be providing 'profit' that adds to the community's sustainability margin

"What is the simplest possible form of a VIAAC?"[edit | edit source]

Unknown.  Ideas Wanted.

Gloassary of Terms

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