Goods produced by the VIAAC should have internal preference before being considered for external trade. The purpose of this is to reduce capitalization and ecological strain. By doing this, only surplus is ever sold in transactions occurring external to the VIAAC economy. Also the profit from selling the surplus would simply add to the Community Sustainability Margin.

Local ProductionEdit

Surplus wealth gained from VIAAC organizations and efforts should be prioritized towards localizing production, according to the priority value of the possible production, funding, or purchase targets. Local production decapitalizes the community and promotes sustainability through the proximity and transparency of local industry.

When resources are locally derived, and imported resources are reduced, the supply chain becomes easier to manage, and reduces the number of nodes on any given distribution path. The ability to make ethical provisioning decisions is increased by the potential for the local industries to be community- or worker-managed and transparent to the public.

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