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This Wiki is for the gathering and organisation of information regarding a Virtual Intentional Abundance Access Community (V.I.A.A.C.).

The V.I.A.A.C. is a proposed transition system for achieving a Post-Scarcity Economy . All interested individuals and groups can help grow this wiki by editing and adding pages, and inviting others to do likewise.

What is a VIAAC?Edit

A VIAAC is a proposed strategy for achieiving a Post-Scarcity Economy . The system employs Networked Resource Management (Such As Wal-Mart's Resource Logistics Management System ), Bulk Purchasing , Zero-Profit/Pure-Cost Economic Formulation , and Localized Production Prioritisation to achieve heightened levels of community sustainability and living standards, which will allow for an easier transition into a Post-Scarcity Economy. For more detailed information and to help out, check out the Introduction Page. Anyone can edit any page at any time, and everyone is encouraged to add as much as possible to the Wiki.

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English - A community using social connections to create an abundant, advanced living standard through methods enabled by modern technology and understanding, directed by computer resources.


The Dummy's Guide to VIAACsEdit

For those unfamiliar with some of the terminology being used; this is a guide to the basics. click here

RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

A Visual Explanation of Why Networks Change Everything

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VIAAC Value Theory
Graph Theory Transferics
Products as Services

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Prioritised Production
DARMA (Dynamic Autonomous Resource Management Assistance)

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