Introduction[edit | edit source]

RDb is the simplest form of computerized logistics in a VIAAC. Initially, RDb need only be a public ledger with UPCs. Through an analysis of the data, the first VIAACs to implement RDb can begin building a classification of the UPCs and a view of the needs and wants of the VIAAC members. A much more advanced version of this would be something more like DARMA. A prototype of RDb is currently in development

RDb Development Status[edit | edit source]

09/07/2015: Started building a minimalistic web API to capture UPCs in a ledger using a mobile device. It is being built using .NET MVC and SQL Server 2014, with an angular front-end for the web. The mobile component will be built using Apache Cordova.

10/20/2015: Mobile application is functional. Development will be frozen here as the project would need to become far more ambitious to continue--too ambitious for a single developer and no user base. The project contains a mostly-finished Angular factory to generate a repository backed by IndexedDb that would be useful to any Cordova-based applications that need to store data locally.

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