Wave - Free Internet for Everyone

Wave is a pioneering new technology that transforms our ability to communicate digitally: 'From an affordable privilege into our free and inherent right"

It is our belief that this is the first phase of the move towards a post-scarcity economy.

How it works[edit | edit source]

Wave makes internet free for everyone. It does this by making an individual's entire internet browsing experience advertising supported. The three major technology laws Law[1][2] also support claims that the cost to a user of a network, including the device used, will reduce to zero. Wave brings this theory into reality.

Social Change[edit | edit source]

Ads for access isn't a new scheme. But Wave seeks to decentralise its technology. So after installing the software onto your home broadband router you become a host and a user for the service. This prevents the monetary and judicial system systematically outlawing, blockading and shutting down the service which is a common response to any threat the social framework encounters. After all its served society reasonably well for over 5,000 years.

It's just that cyberspace has ballooned beyond its title as the 5th domain. It now seeks to serve as a viable and sustainable alternative to archaic approaches to social order including our subscribed systems of philosophy for the 4th domain. These include currency, law, governemnt and monarchy.

Wave is a software upgrade for your broadband router. It makes your internet browsing experience ad supported. The ad revenues pay your ISP and you seemingly have access to a powerful resource. Not as an affordable privilege but as a freedom. Politically it can then become an inherent right ( digital communications as a new human right if you will).

The real move to a resource based economy comes after this. Wave is a platform and on the platform it has its own App Store. The resource management services described in this WiKi can then be run as apps which are accessible to everyone. (As Internet is free)

The platform uses SVG for its apps. This means that regardless of the device being used the apps will scale to fit it. The interface you will encounter after upgrading your broadband router (and connecting to it) is demonstrated in Wave's interactive demo; http://wavetele.com/try.htm

The pinnicle applications of the Wave App Store are the alternatives to law and currency.

The alternative to law is a philosophy called dual-crowdsourcing. Incidents and reported collectively and anonymously up to 'the cloud' then judgements are passed collectively and anonymously back from 'the cloud'. The phrase was coined by Eric Schmidt of Google in 2011.

The alternative to currency is a trend and concept application called logarithmic social scoring. Each person begins life with a 50/100 social score. Positive social attributes affect that score positively and negative attributes negatively. Because the scoring system is logrythimic it becomes exponentially difficult to reach 0 or 100. This should help restore the measure of an individuals value to society, equality and access to resource in a far more intelligent way than currency.

This is one approach to our move toward a resource based economy. The technology is in a pre-alpha release phase and depends on investments, donations and manhours in order to succeed. There is an integration alliance forming that will help build a collaborative community around the technology. All membership fees convert into a share ownership of the technology.

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